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Blaq Bonez: You Rappers Should Fix up Your Lives


Blaq Bonez: You Rappers Should Fix up Your Lives

The problem with Nigerian rappers is a failure to realise that the instrumentation of hip-hop has changed globally

Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaq Bonez, is a Lagos based rapper, who has taken the ball and is redefining the game of the Nigerian Rap Genre. On Twitter, he is boisterous, almost a storm, but while being interviewed, he is calm and calculative, responding to each question as if he is considering it as a lyric in a project.

In 2017, he replied a track released by the incredible Jude Abaga, MI, You Rappers Should Fix up Your Lives. MI lamented on the decrease in the rap output by Nigerian rappers who have now taken to other genres, leaving the rap game like no one ever played in its field.

…who’s gonna fix the environment?// you rappers are underperforming…y’all are being killed by the South [Africa]…

So MI states and Blaq Bonez replies: Since I came in the game…/ I been the only one doing it…

With the same energy, and naming his accomplishments in the song, one can figure that the young Nigerian rapper is a busy one. And when asked to say briefly who he is, ‘I’m a rapper, a cool rapper — super cool rapper.’ And talking about where his inspiration and energy comes from, he responds by saying he listens to good music, ‘a lot of good music.’

He says the problem with Nigerian rappers is a failure to realise that the instrumentation of hip-hop has changed globally. Though he agrees with MI that the South African rappers like Casper Nyovest and Nasty C are dominating the African rap scene, he believes that if Nigerians sort themselves out, they’d take back the glory. And without failing to acknowledge that funding is a major problem facing young artists who have something to deliver. Or lack of proper structure in the industry (truly, rappers, except you are rapping in an indigenous tongue, are rarely signed to a record label).

Speaking about his music career, he has a lot of influences that if he had started mentioning, the interview would have lasted two weeks, instead of the initial one it took to bring us together for a chat. He doesn’t feel like he is in a competition with anyone. ‘I feel like am in a weird space where it’s just me.’

On Twitter, he had revealed the launch of an album, and kindly he shared the release month with The Afrovibe; the album which is titled Bad Boy Blaq will be out in May 2018. He is hopeful about the future and hopes to work and work to leave a good indelible legacy. He also advises young, up and coming musicians, like him, to never stop working and believing.



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