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“Cool it Down” is More Than a Statement From Mr. P


“Cool it Down” is More Than a Statement From Mr. P

After establishing PClassic Records and a partnership deal with Empire, a record label in California and San Francisco, Peter of the PSquare, now Mr. P released his first single Cool it Down, trending and has gathered more than 780,000 views on Youtube in just a week.

PSquare’s breakup and the startling media reports on the duo have created a divide among the group’s fans but it has been more than a dissection for Peter has critics, fans and ‘not really fans’ of PSquare have constantly questioned his oeuvre has a member of the group.

A look at Peter’s solo move in Stephanie Ghaida’s Tonightif we forgive the lyrics already evinced his voice and questions the popular myth that he is a shadow, but Mr. P’s Cool it Down, though crisp and clear is more than a statement to his critics. Mr P brought back the dance moves, energy and vibes the now clearly defunct pop group, PSquare was loved for in the early 2000s.

Cool it Down swanks of Naija R&B and a distinctive Afro Pop sound, with his confessional lyrics, clips of breakdances and an almost exaggerated display of dominance in the video, Mr P appeals to new fans with the PSquare vibes intact.


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