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Femi Continues His Journey of Protest and Activism in One People One World


Femi Continues His Journey of Protest and Activism in One People One World

Femi Anikulapo-Kuti’s tenth studio album, One People One World, released on the 23rd of February, 2018 is a track list of twelve exceptional songs ranging (in its right order) from Africa Will be Great; Best to Live on the Good Side; One People One World; Na Their Way be That; How Many; Evil People; Equal Opportunity; E get as E Be; Corruption Na Stealing; Dem Don Militarise Democracy; to The Way Our Lives Go (Rise and Shine).

The project is a fusion of jazz, punk, and afrobeat — the latter being the genre which his father, Fela gave its meaning. With strong horn and drums and the pianoforte, Femi continues on his journey of protest and activism. One People One World sees him advocating peaceful coexistence between races, tribes and clans: it’s our responsibility. And in Na their Way be That he takes on corrupt people who never changes no matter is done to them. It is their lifestyle, no matter how we try to change this people, they’ll always be unreasonable…, also in Corruption Na Stealing, he rides through the Nigerian norm, corruption. The album is both socially and politically charged.

If there’s anything Femi has tried achieving with this album, it is the notion of the artist as a town-crier — the common person’s hope and voice. With an accompanying performance at the shrine in Ikeja, Femi has demonstrated his fearlessness in the face of this troubled water in Africa and the world as a whole.

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