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Jinmi Abduls and Tobi Sunmola Shines in BankyOnDBeatz’s ‘Omoluabi’


Jinmi Abduls and Tobi Sunmola Shines in BankyOnDBeatz’s ‘Omoluabi’

Bankyondbeatz is fast becoming the chief producer of the new school of emerging Nigerian sounds and talents. The 23 years old producer and sound engineer has teamed up with the likes of DJ Yin, Niniola, Muna, Eli, Lady Donli, Deena O and Sippie Wallace in his 2017 EP, Fuego Senoras. The producer-artiste synergy is the foreground of musical evolution and Bankyonthebeatz continues his engaging alternative experiments with  Jinmi Abduls and Tobi Sunmola in new single ‘Omoluabi’.

Jinmi Abdul’s story-telling vocals hit the mainstream last year with his ‘JOLAGE.P.  His nostalgic folk-pop stood him out in the Afropop movement of 2017. Tobi Sunmola fuses hip-hop and spoken word into rap to latch on social issues. The duo’s effort in ‘Omoluabi’ is compelling, its title loosely translates as a hardworking person of honour, moral and integrity. ‘Omoluabi’s low tempo compliments its message while Jinmi’s Yoruba infused lyrics waves seamlessly on the folk-influenced traditional beat.

Tobi Sunmola’s verse is an almost perfect input as his rap is rhythmically displaced in the song. However, Jimi Abdul’s contagious and floppy hook sits well with Bankyondbeatz’s soft collusive sound. He sings ‘E magbagbe, this isn’t love, this is grace/The stars no dey hustle for space.’



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