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Listen to Didi’s Fantasy of Being Rich on “Owo”


Listen to Didi’s Fantasy of Being Rich on “Owo”

One of the interesting things you are bound to find on Didi’s Instagram, apart from his short freestyling videos, is a sprinkling of Fela-inspired face paints. It feels like a millennial-approving, pop-cultural twist, not entirely stripped off of nostalgia and sepia. In an online radio interview I had with Didi in June this year, Didi told me that his face paints was an afterthought that came about while having a photo shoot. After the shoot was over, his manager, Zainab, spontaneously suggested that his face paint could serve much more. Intricately done, Didi’s white-painted face became a sparse digital identity on his social media, branded into his promotional fliers.

On his latest single Owo, Didi explores the overfamiliar trope of being rich beyond the celebrity industrial complex. The song is cloying in its grandiose fantasy and with previous singles like Alafia and Long Time, it percolates with garden-variety Afropop sounds: percussions and acoustic guitars are spliced together and somewhere towards the end of the song, a talking drum rumbles on, as if communicating a message. On the whole, Owo reminds us of the importance of money, and apparently Didi knows exactly what to do it.

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