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Nonso Amadi taps up Kwesi Arthur for ‘Comfortable’


Nonso Amadi taps up Kwesi Arthur for ‘Comfortable’

Canada-based Nigerian artiste Nonso Amadi has a new song out. ‘Comfortable’, which stretches out his usual lover boy persona, is a groovy bop which doesn’t quite run out of its charm till its closing seconds.

Featuring Ghana’s Kwesi Arthur, the song bears the truth in his statement when he sat down before its release for an interview with media outfit Pulse NG.

“The title of the project is ‘Free’ and it’s to express like being free; like ‘freedom,’ and all that. It’s just to say, you know, regardless of the pressure that most artists face and all that, this project was created out of a liberty of creativity. Like I’m not trying to match or compete with anyone. It’s a very interesting sound to hear, and it’s something I want people to listen to while they’re driving or chilling, not when you’re trying to… It’s not made for you to go to the club necessarily. It’s a chill song, it’s Nonso Amadi. 

“It’s five songs at the moment. It’s in post-production, it’s almost ready. There’s a lot of international feel to it. It’s not something only Nigerians can appreciate. Ghanaians can also enjoy it; Americans all that, so yeah.” 

Listen to ‘Comfortable’ below

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