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Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4 Episode 2: Fabrice isn’t Much of a Revelation


Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4 Episode 2: Fabrice isn’t Much of a Revelation

Since Skinny Girl in Transit started its serialized run, it has delved into the kind of lowbrow humour that fans have found accessible. And even though the show’s protagonist isn’t exactly a comic machine, there were a few times I have given non-obligatory chuckles and laughs. However, one thing I observed from the show’s second episode, “Revelations,” is the subtle disappearance of Tiwa’s camera side-eyeing. It was such a tone-defining apparatus in Skinny Girl in Transit’s past three seasons, communicating Tiwa’s joy, fears, worries and small mundane observations to viewers. Some of it were funny, but it’s becoming increasingly banal and staid and has the negative potential to act as false breaks in a scene. There isn’t much going on in Tiwa’s life currently: she’s in a happy, comfortable relationship with Mide and the hostility at her workplace has been defused. The end of season 4 premiere revealed Hadiza as the OAP that was having an affair with a married artiste, with a sex tape to boot, and Tiwa’s boss burdens Tiwa with the responsibility of firing her. Hadiza, the show’s only remarkable villain, and perhaps the best addition to the cast since season 2, is yet to get any screen time this season. But we get to hear her on the phone as Tiwa tries to give her a heads-up about firing her. As ever, Hadiza’s signature barbed bitchiness leaks through the brief conversation, and we are reminded about how she single-handedly made us feel like we were watching an episode of teen drama series 90210 or Mean Girls.

The recurring cast on the show still operate in the space of their usual dynamic. Tiwa’s sister Shalewa is still the grumpy, entitled, superficial character that once fell into the jewelled trap of Maxwell, a married man who traded her silence for flashy designer gifts in the past season. New cast member Nobert Young now plays Tiwa’s father, but he looks like a fish in a new pond, unsure and slightly tentative, which he overcompensates with wide-eyed, enthusiastic acting. He calls Tiwa “beautiful” when she sits down with him in the living room, and it’s noteworthy that Lady Donli’s Ice cream heralds the scene. Soon enough, we have the Awosika family as a picture of familiar ease: Tiwa and Shalewa are reporting their seemingly perfect relationships to their father in a mild squabble. Mide then arrives their home to take Tiwa out, and Tiwa’s mother (Ngozi Nwosu) wants him to stay for dinner which he politely declines and then later she giggles with Tiwa’s father and calls Mide a “good boy.”

By episode’s end, Mide is eating berries out of Tiwa’s mouth and massaging her foot. It’s almost as if the creators of the show are bludgeoning us with their romance, and there’s a possible pop culture article I might write about the couple. As I forecasted in the review of season 4’s premiere, Tiwa and Mide’s relationship might soon get strained: Tiwa coughs when Mide mentions Fabrice mid-talk, and we already know why. Her post-conference, one-night stand in Abuja with Fabrice, the handsome Ivorian-based man who speaks lilting French, is apparently someone Mide knows, and it’s interesting to see how the show’s creators have presented us with a potential plot complication. Skinny Girl in Transit will certainly maximize this at an organic, convenient pace, and we can only sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

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