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The First Episode of “Skinny Girl in Transit” season 4, “Happy Beginnings,” is a Slow Start


The First Episode of “Skinny Girl in Transit” season 4, “Happy Beginnings,” is a Slow Start

Only last week, NdaniTV released the trailer for Skinny Girl in Transit‘s new fourth season after several long months of abandoning fans in television void. Even with the skeletal bits of on-set production photos that hit social media in July, the anticipation from the show’s fandom had already curdled, as evidenced by comments scattered on a host of entertainment blogs. The end of Skinny Girl in Transit’s season three finale was lovingly compelling and satisfying. Most importantly, it felt like a much-needed fan service. Of all the things that the trailer airdropped and formed the basis of our watercooler conversations since its release, it’s the indication that Tiwa and Mide’s relationship might be fraught with self-engineered tribulations.

On Happy Beginnings, the show’s first episode of the brand-new season, there’s the continuation of their still-heady romance as when Tiwa joins Mide in a restaurant after she closes from work. Her makeup is fresh and she looks exquisitely varnished in the appropriately dim interior of the restaurant, so much so that a man walks by and, although we aren’t shown, must have looked at her for a second too long. Almost immediately it prompts Mide to ask Tiwa to come sit by him, as in right on the very chair he’s sitting on. It’s a joke, of course, but it highlights one important aspect of how Tiwa has been characterized by the showrunners: her exaggerated desirability. For all of its plot-serving purposes, Tiwa will not have men flocking around her this much in the real world. We began to notice this in season two, and there was that kitchen conversation in which a fairly miserable Shalewa complains to Tiwa about still being single while Tiwa has a sizable pool of men to choose from.

And that what makes Skinny Girl in Transit quite interesting: a world where a plus size body is normalized and preferred, especially in this age of performative fitfam hashtags. Skinny Girl in Transit‘s obsession with marriage culture, though, still remains unchanged and it’s been the show’s most recognizable and valuable themes, modelled as an aspiration. When Tiwa returns home late from dinner with Mide, she meets her mum and the maid camped out in the living room, waiting on Tiwa to show them her engagement ring. That they thought Mide would propose only a few months into their relationship, from an audience perspective, served as a little comic utility. On the other hand, we never can tell what subsequent episodes might bring. The identity of the OAP involved romantically with a married musician has been revealed as Hadiza, thanks to Didi’s speedy investigative work. My first thought as a suspect was Tiwa, but she isn’t having an affair with a married musician. At least not yet.

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