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Tiwa Savage’s ‘Sugarcane’ EP Review


Tiwa Savage’s ‘Sugarcane’ EP Review

Between marital issues and smoking shisha in a club, Tiwa Savage has long been untested in this great time of the female uprising. In an industry where there is a male dominance, it warms the heart to see that songbirds like Yemi Alade can command crowds in East African countries and Simi debuts relatively high at the Billboards. Tiwa’s
talent is undeniable but whereas she was once considered outright queen, she no longer holds such title. She has to scramble for it and it can be a propeller for her to soar on her latest artistic effort.

1. SUGARCANE: This song starts with that Afrobeats. It seems like what was first given to Niniola. The Savage goes hard on this. You can’t help but move your head and feet to this. Tiwa sounds so sexy when she says Sugar, Sugarcane, something dey sweet pass Sugarcane. There comes a sax at the end that only amplifies this bang of an
opener. Well played, lady.  This renders a truth to the ‘blurb’  she gave to this EP on an email sent to The FADER. She said : ” I have been in such a great space in the studio and I’ve been creating so much music so it felt right to put out this project. The title is sugar cane because the music sounded different and sweet to me. With afrobeat music, I can’t explain it in words you just have to listen and experience the magic.”

2. GET IT NOW: “Say it like you mean it.” She does sing like she means it. Tiwa is interchanging Yoruba and English so perfectly on this one. The track is a little boring, admittedly. Maybe it’s meant to slow us down from the sprint of the first?

3. ME AND YOU: Dreamy beat, I tell you. Like Tiwa is a song goddess crooning from the depths of our sleep. This makes breathing and smiling and hands flinging dance steps easy. Maleek Berry does spin a great beat.

4. HOLD ME DOWN: Many Nigerian artistes have used this phrase,  it is almost a cliché. Does Tiwa break away? Well, she doesn’t. This song is that song that tethers on the edge of very good and it sucks. Unfortunately, this leans closer to it sucks. Why do I feel this sounds familiar to the previous track?

5. ALL OVER: Previously released. Certified hit. I don’t have much love for this song.

6. MA LO (ft Wizkid & Spellz): First vocal support on this EP. Wizkid and Tiwa Savage got a mad chemistry. Bad was certified dope, this is mad! Wizkid singing in that good old way is really fresh, ironically. We thought the whole international thing has altered his style like a lot. His intro is the best thing to happen to this EP. Tiwa Savage does the ‘skeske roboske’. This beat is great. Tiwa and Wizkid works. Always.

This album is a solid effort but it is a far cry from what we know Tiwa Savage can concur. However, this is just a six track EP and should she prove to tell the truth about spending lots of time in the studio, they might be a full length effort soon. A couple of videos shot and this album is easily a commercial success. Artistically? Well above average.

Favourite tracks: Sugarcane, Ma Lo.

Not so Favorite tracks: Hold Me Down, All Over

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