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Weekly Spur

WEEKEND SPUR has evolved, since its inception, the playlist has inspired, entertained, and taught, and because we are focused on treating you better, we have decided to make it WEEKLY SPUR. So, this is for you. Play it. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Relax. Give us your feedback.

Below are the twelve songs to keep your week LIT:

  1. Seun Kuti — Rise: Fela is in fact personified by his children, his voice echoes through Seun – the disgust at the state of things in Nigeria can be heard in this song, from the beginning to the end – “our children dey hungry… we must rise…”
  2. Seun Kuti — IMF: Believe me, it is not what you think, it is not about International Monetary Fund, it is International Mother*** (somehow connected to money though)and it is a social commentary. The song is about the way Nigeria is structured, our leaders STEAL from us, and when they come to us, we give them titles instead of demanding their prosecution.
    “My people are suffering…”
  3. Waje — In the Air:  “I see the fire in your eyes/ the same one burning in your eyes…” Yeah. I see that fire, I know something is happening and that is the reason I want you to know you are loved.
    This love is beautiful…
  4. Soti ft Banky W — No Lele: In this gem, Banky opens with a spoken word: “If you tryna win a race you can’t be looking around…/looking at your neighbours will slow you down/everyman for himself/baba God for all of us…”Immerse yourself in this. Let it sink.
  5. Banky W — Till My Dying Day: I am syncing this song with the above (though this is a hetero love song), I want you to “look into my eyes and tell me what you see…” yeah, tell me, do you feel inspired?“Together we can make it/if you hold my hand…”
  6. Wizkid ft Future — Everytime: Yayyy! While everyone slept, or facing their hustle, Wizkid made history in the United Kingdom, after a sold out concert. And in this song done with American singer, Future, he sings about love, and still punctuates it with: “Fake friends all around me…”And truly, we have that one friend, what do we do to get rid of fake friends, while we keep falling in love?Wizkid has risen to a point in his career that he now has to choose who to sleep with or not, as many girls are willing to have him.
  7. Wizkid — Medicine: “If you give me sweet love/I no go ever sleep for church…” After selecting who to take into his heart, he comes off here begging this unnamed girl to take him, “my baby girl I want your love…”Medicine is produced by Masterkraft.
  8. Shaydee ft Wizkid — Make Sense: We are sorry if Wizkid is taking up the list, but what can’t we do for good music? The instrumentation passes for GREAT. And as expected, it is a love song, and who is tired of love?We all need love. So, let yourself be carried away.
  9. Kwesi — Grind Day:   All the way from Ghana, I bring this song that reminds us of hustling. WE can never stop grinding – we need the money.
    Stay motivated!
  10. Eugy ft Mr Eazi — Dance for Me: Still in Ghana, and don’t you care for a dance? If at home, or elsewhere, won’t it be nice dancing with someone?
    “Whine up your waist/baby…”
    This is for you who have found love in someone or yourself.
  11. Koredo Bello — Do Like That:  “…don’t be stingy.” While gathering all the money and love, don’t be stingy, give, move your body and still show more love…
    Koredo wants you to act like you know someone and not otherwise.
    Won’t you?
  12. Mista Silva ft A.I.M — Like It:  Mista Silva is of Ghanaian heritage but resides in London, and we are signing off with his tune, because “whether you like it or not…” I’ve got your back.Let your week be blessed and fulfilled!



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. kay_net

    October 2, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Nice…I love this

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