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Yemi Alade Wants You to Know how She Feels About Love in “Knack Am”

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Yemi Alade Wants You to Know how She Feels About Love in “Knack Am”

There’s a deliberate African flair to Yemi Alade’s relatively refurbished sound, the kind of afropop that is brisk and urgent and almost glamourously rebellious. And in Knack Am, her new single off her forthcoming decidedly suspenseful third album Dark Magic, Yemi’s vocals glides through the track’s arrangement of sparse hi-hats and looping afrocentric drum beats. The simple, pidgin-furnished lyrics feels deliberately artistic to Yemi’s brand of afro-adjacent, pop-star mentality.

In Knack Am, she sings about her head and heart and body, the abiding, expressive hallmarks for emotions and love. There’s a tempering, acoustic guitar play beneath the composition, rippling like an entity of its own.

“You should let me love you,” she abandons pidgin for English at a point in a harmonious echo, a faux rhythmic mimicry of Mario’s 2004 Let Me Love You. “What do you say? she asks her intended man repeatedly, fleetingly, her voice ricocheting off the track’s solid percussions, so much so that it doesn’t feel like a question but as a teasingly, climactic build-up.

Produced by DJ Coublon, Yemi’s delivers her own unique interpretation of what love does to her, and we can only luxuriate in it while it lasts.

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